Problem with MetaboAnalystR installation

"I attempted to install the ‘MetaboAnalystR’ package in R by following the steps outlined on the MetaboAnalyst website. However, I encountered an error message indicating that the package was not available for my version of R.

I then installed the latest version of R (version 4.2.2) and restarted my PC (which runs on Windows). I attempted to install the package using the command ‘install.packages(“MetaboAnalystR”)’, but unfortunately, I was still unable to install it. I also tried to install the ‘Rtools’ package using the command ‘install.packages(“Rtools”)’, but was unsuccessful. Ultimately, I had to download ‘Rtools’ directly from RTools: Toolchains for building R and R packages from source on Windows.

Can someone please advise me on why I am unable to install the ‘MetaboAnalystR’ package on my PC?"

Usually installation problems are specific to your operating system/environment and are very difficult & time consuming for our team to address. I suggest you talk to colleagues who have experience installing lots of R packages on Windows - they can directly see the error messages you are getting and may have experience addressing them.