PLS-DA features including Imp. Features (VIP scores) and cross-validation not working

I am running various 2-group comparisons of peak intensities using .csv upload files and wanting to look at PLS-DA features, but despite the 2D and 3D plots working fine, the Imp. Features doesn’t populate and neither does the cross-validation graphic. I get the error message “This feature is not available for your data”. See first two images.

I then re-ran data from November 3rd (2 weeks ago) when I saved the Imp. Features and CV data onto my computer (see third image) so I know my data is not the problem - there is a bug or something causing this error.

221115_plsda VIP features from same dataset analyzed last week (working)

Fyi I cleared my cache just in case Chrome was somehow disturbing things, and the error persists. Also since the 2D and 3D component plots show up, it’s not like the PLS-DA isn’t working…

Please let me know if you know of a workaround or can elevate this for a fix!!


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Had exactly the same problem here.

Had the same problem.

Any chance someone is working on this bug Admins? @Tim_Yang @jeff.xia

Thank you in advance for any update you can provide! Sorry about linking random Admins, but I’m not sure how else to elevate this :slight_smile:

Had the same problem, important features not working. It would be great if anyone solve this problem soon. Thank you in advance

Should be fixed now. Thank you all for the note!

Thank you very much for the fix and for letting us know asap!! :slight_smile:

Had the same problem