Pathway Figures of Joint-Pathway Analysis Results

Hello, platform engineers:
Could you please tell me whether the pathway analysis figures in the results obtained by the joint- pathway analysis module can provide high-resolution figures for offline journal printing (A4 format)? Now I have met such requirements from journal editors.
Please reply as soon as possible, thank you
For example:

Click the “link-out” icon on the top-right corner of the pathway graph. You will be able to re-generate the same pathway in full screen mode. If you have a large and/or high-resolution screen, this image should provide sufficient resolution when print to A4 size. The other option is try to do it using the MetaboAnalystR package

Thank you for your help.
I tried your method, but the problem doesn’t seem to be solved. When I clicked the linkout button, the interface that came out was the same as the one I was using before, and there was no download button. The image I get after taking the screenshot is similar to the resolution of the image in the downloaded zip package. When I click the customize icon, the image cannot be downloaded and is displayed as HTTP404.

The resolution is calculated as number of pixels relative to the image size. The one you get is based on original screen size which is not useful in your case (as you use A4 size). Keep in mind that high resolution means you still get high-quality view when you enlarge/zoom-in the original picture. This is exactly the case here.