Pathway Analysis; The match status

Hi There,
I have a question regarding the Pathway Analysis.
I put 15 metabolites into the compound list and came up with a list of 6 significant pathways. The match Status of 1/18 with a significant p-value was found for the Selenocompound metabolism.
Does it mean that 18 compounds are totally involved in Selenocompound metabolism? Does it mean that only one metabolite from my compound list is in common between these18 metabolites?
If yes, how by finding one common compound the pathway was found significantly impacted? I mean it is so wired to conclude that by having one common compound (out of 18 involved In the pathway) the p-value is significant.

Thank you so much for all your great help.

See below, you need to click that number “1/18” to see those details. For your last question, you confuse statistical significance with biological significance - this is a good question though - we need to consider more contextual evidence beyond math and stats!

Thank you so much for your reply and great help.
So Does it mean that still after getting a significant p-value for the detected pathway, we can not be sure bout the existence of that particular pathway?
There was not any published paper on the pathways of my study, so I can only trust p-values getting from set enrichment analysis. However for a pathway that hits for example 2/28 I am hesitating to pick that pathway. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much.