P-value changes in the same sample set under the same analysis parameters

I was double checking my results and noticed that p-value for alpha-diversity was different when I performed the same analysis for the same sample set. This threw me off since I was expecting the same p-value every time. Is this supposed to happen?
Please let me know.
Thank you

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The data submitted had the samples with less than 10k counts removed in data filter, with minimum count of 2, prevalence of 10% and low variance of 5% removed. Data was further rarefied to minimum library size and scaling (TSS) was applied. Alpha-diversity analysis was performed with default options (filtered data, feature-level, Chao1, T-test/Anova). Then, p-value was noted.
However, when repeting this again, with exactly the same steps, alpha-diversity p-value was different.
I repeated the same steps yet again and again alpha-diversity p-value was different those before.

I see you rarefied your data … which is basically a random subsample n from the total N items. The results are expected to be different especially for alpha diversity estimation. Please refer to this post for more discussions