Orthogonal PLS-DA not working

Although using demo data, the Orthogonal PLS-DA function is not available

I suspect you chose a multi-group demo data. If so, the answer is below the OPLS-DA function (see below)

I chose the first demo data which just included two groups.
Metabolite concentrations of 77 urine samples from cancer patients measured by 1H NMR (Eisner R, et al.). Group 1- cachexic; group 2 - control
but OPLS-DA is not available.

Yes. I am having the same issue. Even I am using my previous data (last time I can view OPLS-DA plot) this time, the error popped out.

Metaboanalyst is a good metabonomics data processing tool, but we have a tough problem right now that OPLSDA isn 't working and we sincerely hope you can fix it.

I see. The issue should be fixed now

Thank you for your perfect job