Option for time series analysis

Hi everyone,
I want to to a time series analysis with Metaboanalyst 5.0 and therefore watched a video tutorial. In this tutorial, there was an option to choose “time series or two factor analysis” in the Module overview. I’m quite sure to have the latest version of Metaboanalyst 5.0, but still the “time series” module isn’t available in the Module overview.
Do I have to install an extra package for this?

We have increased the number of analyses supported for continuous/complex metadata, and renamed the module “Statistical Analysis [metadata table]”. The types of analysis available after filtering/normalization:

The ones relevant for time series analysis are “Two-way ANOVA” and “Multivariate Empirical Bayes Analysis of Variance for Time Series” (these are in the video tutorial I believe). A new feature we’ve implemented is “Linear Models with Covariate Adjustment” - you can identify metabolites associated with the “time” metadata, and adjust for other covariates like sex, age, or batch if applicable.