Network view doesn't work

I’m using Omits Analyst for the final project of my degree and when I go to the method selection part I choose either DIABLO in dimensionality reduction or DIABLO in correlation network. The next step before the network view still works, but when I click on proceed in that step, the network view page keeps loading for hours and doesn’t show anything. I’m certain that my datasets do not have errors because I have made this same process before and it has worked perfectly. I have also tried with different browsers and computers and the same keeps happening.
Also, in the feature selection step, the plots appear empty, something that didn’t happen before as well.
If someone could help me I would really appreciate it! I need to get the final results of my analysis for my project as soon as possible because the deadline is on the 13th of June :frowning:

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Has anyone found a fix for this? I have tried both example data (diabetes) and my own data that has previously worked and cannot access network view

Thank you for the note. Please try again and provide more details if the issue still occurs.

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