Multiple samples - Proteomic data


I am trying to analyze my proteomics results (total peptide count) with the Gene expression table tool, since it allows to generate PCA and other analysis, however it keeps showing as an error the fact that I have multiple samples. in addition, It can’t perform the normalization and at the end just shows a page in which states that the errors with my dataset are unique.

How could I do this analysis?


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thank you for your reply! following the guidelines, this is the process that I followed:

  1. Tool used: ExpressAnalyst

  2. Statistical & Functional Analysis

  3. Input: A gene expression table

  4. After this, I can keep going, but the interface does not allow to download the figures from the data overview. It is possible to click submit, but it won’t download. (It is possible to download in following steps, so it is probably just in this part)

  5. My data was already normalized in Scaffold software, so my input was done using total peptide count.

  6. I keep going in the analysis and it seems to work

and, once I click for the final result I obtain the following message:

Prot_1.csv (45.2 KB)

Hello Carlos,

There was a bug with ID mapping and image generation, the issues are fixed now, you can try again.

Let me know if it works for you,

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