Missing value estimation - exlude variables with missing values

I would like to ask you if in the ‘statistical analysis (one factor)’ → Missing value estimation → Step 2. Estimate the remaining missing values → Exclude variables with missing values
Is the term variable used for a metabolite? Because on step 1 metabolites are stated as features and after doing exactly the same analysis once choosing ‘exlude variables with missing values’ and once ‘Replace by LoDs (1/5 of the minimum positive value of each variable)’ I found that on the first case I miss many metabolites, as wou can see in the pictures
Thanks a lot!

In your data table, there are three key information

  1. Class labels or metadata
  2. Sample IDs
  3. Sample descriptors: metabolites/genes/proteins (used biological context), or features/variables (used in statistical context) or for untargeted metabolomics