Microbiome metabolite analysis - not proceeding after data upload

Trying to co-analyze 16s and metabolome data.
No errors were found while uploading, and the format looks accepted.
But when I press proceed, nothing happens.
A window saying “processing” barely appears, and then it disappears.
Unable to proceed further!
please help.


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Sorry, got you, thanks!
I’m using Microbial Metabolomics tool.
Uploaded the following files generated from 16s sequencing and untargeted metabolome data.
Upload did not show any error.
But not able to proceed.
Please have a look into this.


Jejunum_FMT_CT_metadata3.csv (259 Bytes)
Jejunum_FMT_CT_OTUTable3.csv (8.8 KB)
Jejunum_FMT_CT_taxonomy_table3.csv (22.7 KB)
Jejunum_norm_data_nhilic_FMT_Con3.csv (253.4 KB)

Sorry, forgot to mention:
the metabolome results are negative mode, mass tolerance 5 ppm, retention time: not present/unknown.



The problem is because the incorrect format of your metabolomics data. You can upload either a metabolite concentration table or a peak intensity table. Our website cannot process files that combine metabolite names and peak intensities within the same data currently. Please refer to the examples below:

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have more questions!

Thank you very much!
This helps!

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