Microbial metabolomics not working

Hello. The Microbial metabolomics isn’t working. I upload the metadata, ASV table with taxonomy included and metabolomics data without any error messages. I’ve tried processing data and clicking the ‘Proceed’ button, but it doesn’t move to the next step. I downloaded the sample files and then uploaded them, but the same thing happens.

glutamate.txt (1.2 KB)
Metadata.txt (4.5 KB)

If this is indeed your data, it should not work - the “glutamate.txt” contains one metabolite, which is not metabolomics data. If you use our sample files, please provide details as described in our post guidelines

Hello, may I add a stupid questions here - what kind of metabolomics data can I analyse simultaneously to microbiome data? The metabolomics from the microbiomes itselves or also the serum metabolomics from the microbiomes’ host?

In my case, I have rumen microbiomics and the cow’s serum metabolomics - is it possible to analyze these here at the same time?

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The tool is designed to help analyze your data to test your hypothesis. What is your study hypothesis? If you expect metabolites from rumen microbiome will enter blood and be reflected on the blood metabolome, you can certainly do the paired analysis. You need to keep the study design in the data interpretation

Thank you, this is helpful!

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