MetaboAnalystR 4.0 - How to perform HMDB annotation during LC-MS Spectra processing


On the MetaboAnalyst web version, the output feature table has HMDB annotation after LC-MS Spectra processing. However, the output feature table from MetaboAnalystR 4.0 local version hasn’t the HMDB annotation, I would like to know how to enable the HMDB annotation during LC-MS Spectra processing using MetaboAnalystR 4.0 local version.
Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


In general, spectra processing and annotation are two separate processes. The later require installation of the corresponding databases, in addition to the R package. We are working on the MetaboAnalystR 4.0 to be more consistent with the web.

Thank you for your reply. How to integrate the database with MetaboAnalystR 4.0? How the database should be formated? I didn’t find the instructions in the manual. Any clues you can share would be greatly appreciated.

These resources and documentations will be released in due time. This is a new feature still under active development.