MetaboAnalyst View Hits for Enrichment

Hi all,

I’m running an enrichment analysis on a set of Metabolites via MetaboAnalyst, and am wondering how I can extract the “hits” for each pathway after I run the analysis. Furthermore, I’m looking for the specific metabolites in my set that are also found in the matched pathway.

I was able to find this information using the web browser, but when I downloaded the results I wasn’t able to find this information in the zip file. Any help is appreciated.


Yes, you need to click the name of the pathway to obtain the hits (lazy mode). There are many features that can be streamlined. You may want to use the “Pro” version for better support (the feature you described is the default).

Hi, thank you for the response! Where can I find the “pro” version you are describing? Also is there any way to accomplish this with the R package?