Metaboanalyst runnig in HPC

I have installed the Metaboanalysis as a model in our HPC server. Call module load Metaboanalysis in R.4.1.1.

However, when I submit a PBS job, I always get the error messages described follows:

Step 2/6: Start to import the spectrum!

This step will take a short time…

Raw file import begin…

To reduce memory usage BPIS and TICS plots will be created using only 10 samples per group.

Plotting BPIS and TICS.

Step 2/6: Successfully imported raw MS data! (2024-04-22 02:39:45)

Going to the next step…

Warning message:

In ImportRawMSData(path = c(“/project/RDS-FSC-GPMC-RW/SERI/Project”), :

No metadata provided, all files in one sub-folder will be considered a group!

43 CPU Threads will be used for peak profiling !

Step 3/6: Started peak picking! This step will take some time…

Step 3/6: Peak picking finished ! (2024-04-22 02:58:48)

Step 4/6: Started peak alignment! This step is running…

Step 4/6: Peak alignment finished ! (2024-04-22 03:00:53)

Step 5/6: Started peak filling! This step may take some time…

ERROR:trying to get slot “params” from an object (class “simpleError”) that is not an S4 object

Error in PerformPeakProfiling(mSet, Params = best_params, plotSettings = SetPlotParam(Plot = TRUE)) :


In addition: Warning message:

In parallel::mccollect(wait = FALSE, timeout = 1) :

1 parallel job did not deliver a result

Execution halted

Error while shutting down parallel: unable to terminate some child processes

Any ideals for these issues?