Metaboanalyst inverts data averages

Hi everyone,
When I upload my data in Metaboanalyst (without missing values and without clicking normalization) and I make the different options (t-test, heatmap…), my data are inverted.
The average of my data is:

controls (1) CXCL11(7.66) CST5 (5.68) IL22RA1 (2.096) CD40 (10.97) STAMBP (3.27)
patients(2) CXCL11(8.917) CST5 (5.93) IL22RA1 (2.315) CD40 (11.54) STAMBP (3.81)

All averages are higher in Patients than Controls, however when metaboanalyst shows me its results from t-test, heatmap… are inverted (only CD40 is right). Metaboanalyst shows averages higher in controls than patients.

I attach the csv of my data and a powerpoint with graphics from Metaboanalyst.

Can you help me??

Thanks in advance
Controls_patients_top5.pdf (315.1 KB)
controls_patients_top5.csv (10.0 KB)

A quick scan shows that your data is not in correct format.

  • should contain comma separated values (.csv), not by semi-colon;
  • should not contain comma inside numerical values.

Thank you very much!!!