Metaboanalyst data upload issue

For the past couple of days I have been getting the error message shon in the image.

The data are from 6546 QTOF. (MSConverted at 64 bit with zlib compression and zipped with 7zip manager. )
It seems to be working OK till the last step but when am about the start a job it crashes.

Error in filesList[sapply(filesIncluded, function(x) { :
invalid subscript type ‘list’
Calls: UpdateRawfiles
Execution halted
srun: error: xiaserver10: task 0: Exited with exit code 1

Anybody might have a clue on what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Hi, thanks for reporting this issue. I just checked your project and noticed that you uploaded raw spectra data twice (one is with meta data, the other one is not). Please only upload your data with either way. You project confused MetaboAnalyst. Please delete this project and redo it. We will fix this bug to avoid this case.

Thanks for the reply. After carefully checking I managed to upload it. The other issue was the.txt file when I make my filename-group list in excel and save as delimited text it somehow does not work. I simply downloaded the example txt file and modified it.

Not an isse though but May I kindly ask another question?
Even if I do msconverting to centroid the data, MetaBoanalyst still recognizes it as false and requires centroiding again.
(I simply do peak picking and select 64 bit and zlib tabs nothing different. )

I really appreciate your help,