MetaboAnalyst cannot find “View the selected features” link and MS Peak Search

Hi MetaboAnalyst team,

Thanks for providing this nice tool! I am trying to go through your example [LC-MS peak intensity table for 12 mice spinal cord samples (Saghatelian et al.). Group 1- wild-type; group 2 - knock-out]
However at the end when performing a unpaired t-test, the tool does not provide me with an option to find “View the selected features” link and MS Peak Search from .
Would you help on this? Have you changed the interface?
I am using chrome browser

Thanks in advance


I assume you are following a tutorial written based on the previous version? Please use our latest tutorials for V5.0. Note, we have several modules on LC-MS peaks.

Thank you so much for the quick reply. I will explore new modules. Briefly, I have peak data with significance level (p=values and t-test) in the form of mz/retention time. I will check the new modules to see if the peaks can be matched against chemicals/metabolites, and will get back to you.