Meta p-value of Mummichog Enrichment


I have a few questions regarding the Functional Analysis module (MetaboAnalyst 6.0).

  • First of all, the GSEA results doesn’t seem to be consistent after the updata from MetaboAnalyst 5.0 to 6.0, and, the results don’t even stay consistent after redoing the analysis after 2 months (with the same input data). What can the explanation for this phenomenon?
  • Second: there is no option anymore to combine both the mummichog enrichment and the GSEA to get a meta p-value. “Ticking” both boxes gives an error, also with the example data. This was not the case when I ran the analysis 2 months ago (i got a meta p-value by then). Is there a bug in the module?
  • Third: Is it right that the meta p-value is obtained from the Fisher method using the sum of logs? (So i can calculate in a similar way myself, as the module doesn’t work).

Thank you in advance for your reply.