Marker data profiling error when uploading Mothur files


I am attempting to re-do some analysis on a dataset I have previously uploaded to the Marker data profiling tool. I am uploading it under the Mothur tab with the taxonomy labels set as Silva taxonomy, the same settings I used previously. However now I seem unable to upload this data and receive the following error message when I attempt to “Error! Possible causes of error (last one being the most relevant):”.

This is odd as mentioned earlier I have uploaded and completed analysis on this dataset previously with no issue. I re-downloaded the taxonomy and shared files from the pipeline I used to conduct the 16S annotation etc in case there was some issue with the data but this also failed to rectify the issue. Unsure if this could be an issue related to an update as prior to the updates I had no such issue.

Any help would be most appreciated. I can provide the data set I used, however if possible I would like to do this through a secure manner as I am hoping to publish it soon.

Best wishes, Ryan


We have just update the functions for Mothur files uploading. Would you mind to try again?
If there’s still errors, would you please follow our post guideline so we can look into it?


Hi Yao,

I have fixed the issue. I was looking through other posts by users that have had similar issues and noticed in a post by the user MarinaElf that you mentioned all groups in the metadata file needed at least two replicates.
In my metadata file my sequencing controls were grouped under positive and negative controls respectively and thus were the sole members of these groups. I have grouped these two together and now it seems I can upload the data with no issue.

Thanks for your help, best wises, Ryan