Many HMDB accession unrecognized in 'pathway analysis' or 'enrichment analysis'

I have a list of HMDB accession codes that I need to do an enrichment/pathway analysis on. I’m using the web browser tool.

However when I upload m list, the vast majority (> 70%) come back as not having a match/not corresponding to a metabolite. I put a small subset at the bottom of this post.

This doesn’t make sense because each of these accession codes is a valid HMDB ID.

If I use the ‘Metabolite ID Conversion’ tool beforehand and use the HMDB accession off that list (see end of post for a list of HMDB accessions), I still get many molecules unrecognized by HMDB ID.

I cannot run a meaningful enrichment analysis as-is and I do not believe this is a formatting issue. If I put this same list below into ‘pathway analysis’ or ‘enrichment analysis’ and then under ‘enrichment analysis’ put ‘metabolite’ or ‘lipid’ suddenly 1-2 of these compounds are recognized – I’m just wondering is it not that the HDMB accession is valid but that there’s no solid pathway associated with these metabs?

Please advise!

small list that all fail

This is a common question. Please see this post