Loading IBD data in MetaboAnalystR

Hi all,

I just started using MetaboAnalyst, and wanted to try using it from the beginning.

I have problems with getting the IBD data. I am trying to download it, however, I am denied access using the googledrive package. I have tried different emails, and none of them works.

temp ← tempfile(fileext = “.zip”)

Please authorize your google account to access the data

dl ← drive_download(+ as_id(“10DBpPEWy2cZyXvmlLOIfpwqQYwFplKYK”), path = temp, overwrite = TRUE)
Error in map():
:information_source: In index: 1.
Caused by error in .f():
! Client error: (403) Forbidden
Request had insufficient authentication scopes.
• message: Insufficient Permission
• domain: global
• reason: insufficientPermissions

Do you have any suggestions to how to go about it? Like downloading it from the webpage? However, here I don’t see which of the data to load for the 2 different folder.

I appreciate all the help you may have.

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I have the same question.
Any help on getting access to these example files will be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hi All,

I still have this problem. Do any have a suggestion?

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