Linear Model Statistics Metadata


I need some help to understand why I am receiving the following error when I ask FDR for the linear model. When I use RAW p-value I do not get the same error.


Also, in Features Details Table, Ad.p.Val it seems all significant features are not significants (p>0.05). Why?

Data, metadata, and procedures I followed are attached.


Data_input.csv (20.1 KB)

Metadata_input.csv (1.3 KB)


Just took a quick look at your data and your questions (no time for actually testing):

  1. Data & metadata: you have only 22 samples, but you would like to control so many different covariates. Have you tried to consider only one factor “Severity” to see if it is OK? If so, add one more (choose one with most impact).

  2. Parameters: look at “P-value cutoff” the current choice is “Raw” p values, but you are looking at adjusted p values or FDR for significant features

You can read our 2022 Nature Protocol for more details

Hello, Jeff!

Thank you for your response.

My primary metadata is severity (categorical). I tested only using “age” as covariate. First with RAW p-value, and it is ok:

But when I select FDR, I received the error:

I tried to select no covariates, first with RAW, then with FDR and the same error is received.

Using RAW:

Using FDR:

What could be happening?

Thank you in advance.