LC-MS/MS raw spectral data processing got stuck at database searching

I’m running the tutorial example for processing LC-MS/MS raw spectral data with MetaboAnalystR. I’m using the exact example provided at LC-MS/MS Raw Spectral Data Processing. I only changed database directory and adjusted core numbers to make sure it runs on my machine.

The script runs fine but was stuck at PerformDBSearchingBatch. It showed “==== Database searching against MS2ID_Bio_v09102023.sqlite started ====…” but never passed that. Both CPU and RAM were busy. The longest time I ran was 2 days, but nothing changed. Is it supposed to take this long?

My computer has Core i7-12700H and 32G RAM with Windows 11 and R 4.2.2. I hope you can help me diagnose the issue. Thanks!

Never mind. I benchmarked with a much smaller database. The program ran just fine. I guess I need to run it on an HTC.