Joint Pathway Analysis: Problems showing pathway in Pathway Viewer

Hi,Using Metaboanalyst 5.0, I am having trouble obtaining the pathway for an specific metabolism. I upload my data, and get the Overview of Pathway Analysis showing the significant metabolisms, but when I click on them, it fails to show the pathway in the Pathway Viewer window. The error looks like this:

Message: Failed to create a zoom-in image. If you are the Sys Admin, please make sure that the convert command is available in the PATH.

I find this strange because it was working fine in the same session, and suddenly it changed. Even restarting the computer or switching browsers did not help. This is what I see:

Some more details:
Using Microsoft Edge or Firefox
Joint pathway analysis; Organism: Human; ID type: Official Gene symbol
Pathway database: Any
Algorithm: Any

Do you know how I can fix this?