Job status for LC-MS spectra processing

I recently submitted a job running LC-MS Spectra. When I open the job, the status shows as “CANCELED”, but a few seconds later it changes to “KILLED”. The work progress is about 14%. What does this legend mean? Is the job still processing? Thanks!

The Job status shows “CANCELED” or “KILLED” means the job processing time exceeds the maximum time limits allocated for a job (usually 6 hours, at current stage). To allow more users submiting and finishing their jobs, MetaboAnalyst has to terminate the job due to the limited cloud resource. In this case, you are encouraged to use OptiLCMS (GitHub - xia-lab/OptiLCMS: R package for optimized LC-MS spectra processing) to run your job locally.

If you have more questions, please send your Job ID to Zhiqiang Pang (zhiqiang.pang[AT] for further checking.

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