Issues with 2-Way ANOVA Data Generation


I have been using MetaboAnalyst for awhile now, but have recently been running into issues with the 2-Way ANOVA (ANOVA2) analysis. I am trying to do a time-series + 1 factor analysis, and I’ve been uploading the data sheet and metadata sheet attached below.

I’ve been able to make it through all of the data processing steps with no issues, but when I reach the 2-Way ANOVA step, I receive an error saying: “Unknown Error Occurred”. I use the settings shown in the image attached below (within-subjects analysis). Heatmaps, correlations, etc. generate with no issues, so this seems to only be a problem within the ANOVA2 analysis tool.

Another coworker is encountering the same exact issues with a separate data set she is working on. However, we have been able to upload and run the example data and our old data sets with no issues. Do you know what could be happening here, or how to solve this issue?

Thank you!


AG Data Sheet Upload for MetaboAnalyst.csv (68.0 KB)
AG Metadata Sheet Upload for MetaboAnalyst.csv (778 Bytes)

Same issues with pathway analysis.
And I noticed that I couldn’t see my group name (there were blank) in the previous step (“edit group” of “data check”).
The example data can run well, however, if I download the example data and save copy, then upload the copy, the same errors occur. I wonder if there is something incompatible in format? The problem of code?
Sorry to bother. I hope the problem could be solved. Thank you all!

Thanks for providing your data, looks like there was an update to an R package that changed the format of the results table (thus breaking our interface).

It’s fixed now, the change should be available online in the next day or so.

Thank you so much! I appreciate your help.