Issue producing Excel sheet containing VIP Scores

Dear Metaboanalyst team,
I am having trouble producing the excel sheet containing the VIP scores. I use this function quite often, and the last time I used it was last Friday (9/23/22) however today it does not seem to be functioning. Below I’ve outlined the steps and parameters I used to get to my issue.

  1. MetaboAnalyst 5.0
  • Generic Format
  • Statistical Analysis [one factor]
  1. Uploaded a .csv file
  • Concentrations
  • Samples in columns (unpaired)
  1. Data transformation
  • Log transformation
  1. Data Scaling
  • Auto scaling
  1. PLS-DA
  • Imp. Features
  • Button the open excel file with VIP Scores in not working


Thank you for your help.

Thanks for the note. For now, you can get this file from the “Download” page (under the file name “plsda_vip.csv”)