Invalid phylogenetic tree file when running beta diversity test with UniFrac distance

I am trying to run a beta diversity test when using a .biom file, metadata file, and a .tre phylogenetic file (with GreenGenes Taxonomy labels). I am uploading data in the BIOM format, and have separate files for metadata, .biom, .tre phylogenetic file, and am putting in GreenGenes Taxonomy as the Taxonomy labels.

In my distance method I am using an unweighted UniFrac distance, and I am getting the error: “Tree tip labels do not match feature names in the OTU/taxonomic tables!”. Other tests that don’t rely on the phylogenetic file work (like using other distance methods such as Jensen-Shannon Divergence). What could possibly be causing the issue?

I am using the .tre phylogenetic file from here: Importing data — QIIME 2 2022.8.3 documentation (for some reason I can’t upload it here), is it possible that the GreenGenes taxonomy file isn’t compatible with the unrooted-tree.tre file? A link to the exact data file I am inputting is here: unrooted-tree.tre - Google Drive.

Hello, I have checked you tree file. The tip labels are as the screenshot:


Your features names should be same as these labels for further analysis. Please double check your feature names and whether you use the same database for taxonomy assignment.

If you need more help, please share all the related files following our post guideline?

Hope this helps.