Importing MS/MS data error


When I attempted to upload my MS2 data and started to import the MS/MS data, an unexpected error occurred, causing execution halted.

Please advise and thank you for your help and support.

Status Text:
There are total of 915 target MS1 features included for MS2 data processing!> OptiLCMS:::MessageOutput(mes = paste0('Step 7/12: Starting importing MS/MS data…

  • '),ecol = ‘’,progress = 104);
    Step 7/12: Starting importing MS/MS data…

mSet ← PerformMSnImport(filesPath = c(list.files(upload/,
Error: unexpected ‘,’ in “mSet ← PerformMSnImport(filesPath = c(list.files(upload/,”
Execution halted
srun: error: xiaserver10: task 0: Exited with exit code 1
metaboanalyst_spec_proc (3).txt (26.3 KB)

Hi!I encoutered the same problem with you. Have you solved this problem? Thank you