How to make self defined metabolite sets for Enrichment analysis

I would like to create a customized metabolite reference set for streptococcus to run my metabolites against for Enrichment analysis. Or just transfer the Streptococcus pyogenes-one that is available for the Pathway analysis (I prefer the information output from the Enrichment analysis). I am not very experienced in R.
Thank you!

Based on your description, I would recommend using the web interface to upload the metabolite set library per our instruction (on the web page).

I am looking in the tutorials and user forum but cannot find the instruction for this, where can I find it? Thank you!

Likely because it is self-evident. Just try to use the module - you will see the place when you cannot find a suitable metabolite set library

Yes I can see where to upload, but I am not sure how to create the custom library? Can I download a metabolite set for my species from somewhere? Thank you for taking time to answer.

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