How to label a gene expression table in FastBMD?

It is critical to properly label your data so that they can be recognized and compared. The following common IDs are supported:

  1. Gene ID: Entrez ID, Ensembl Gene ID, GenBank Accession ID, RefSeq ID, Ensembl Transcript ID, and official Gene Symbol
  2. Probe ID: popular microarray plotforms from Affymetrix, Agilent, Illumina;

The gene expression data also should contain sample names in the first line. Each sample name should be unique. The class labels of experimental conditions should be in a new line beginning with “#CLASS”. Multiple class labels can be indicated by adding a colon and its name (for example, “#CLASS:DOSE” and “#CLASS:SEX”). Note that dose-response datasets must have a DOSE class, and the concentrations must all be numeric. Please refer to this post for more details and examples.