How to decide a specific order for your samples in an heatmap?

Hi, I am performing a Statistical analysis (one factor) in order to study a set of metabolites. I would like to build a heatmap highlighting the different clusters I have in my samples.
Really basic question though: I have many sample groups, and I would like to have the control group as first (left side of the heatmap). Even if I have them correctly ordered in my input file, they never appear as first. Any clue?
PS: I already used the “cluster → samples” box, which is working fine, but still all the control samples are in the middle of the table

I am new to Metaboanalyst so I don’t know how to help you with the ordering other than is it because it is putting it in alphabetical order? You could try re-naming your metadata columns so it would line up alphabetically.

But I also have an issue with the heatmap. When you say cluster by > samples and it works, is that the sample arrangement? When I tell it to arrange samples by one metadata column, it doesn’t use the metadata properly (i.e. it shows it is sorted on top, but the actual samples are not). Did this happen to you?

Thank you for the suggestion! You can now use Data Editor => Edit Groups to re-order groups or exclude a group of interest. An illustration is shown below.

The original order is 0, 15, 30, 45. After updates using Data Editor (left), the heatmap shows new order (right)

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