How should I build my OTU/ASV table (.txt, .csv or its zip) with the included sequences?

I would like to try the newly added function (Tax4Fun 2.0) to predict functional profiles based on 16S rRNA data but I don’t know how to build the OTU/ASV table (.txt, .csv, or its zip) with the sequences included.
If someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.


Thanks for posing the question.

For using the tax4fun2, you need to include the sequences in the OTU/ASV table as the #NAME, e.g.

The example can be found in our example dateset Pediatric IBD.

Make sure you select the check box Sequences included.

Hope this helps.


My ASV data table is exactly looking like that, but I have received the following error:
“ErrorSequence information is needed for function prediction using tax4fun2”
I selected the check box “sequences included” in the beginning. Could you help me what would be the reason?

We have update the website. The issue is fixed now. You can try again.

Hope this helps!