Error in Uploading Data for Tax4Fun Analysis in MicrobiomeAnalyst

Hello! I am having trouble uploading files to MicrobiomeAnalyst to use for Tax4Fun Analysis. I have attached my feature table with ASV sequences, taxonomic table and metadata file below:
ft_w_seqs.csv (545.4 KB)
taxonomy_w_OTU_tax_seqs.csv (1.2 MB)
metadata_google.csv (603 Bytes)

I am getting an error that says “Failed to parse your taxonomy file. Please check the file format!”. However, if I change the taxonomy file format to only include OTU IDs (like this one: taxonomy_google.csv (271.4 KB)) I get an error saying my sequences cannot be found in my taxonomy table.

Any guidance on how to correct this problem would be appreciated!

You have three files with 3 different IDs - this clearly confuses the program.

Make sure you spend some time reading our data format section to understand the requirement for data format.

You can download our examples to see the exact format. Note OTU or ASV are the same except OTU use sequences as IDs.

Hi thanks for responding! I have already reviewed that page, and had my original files formatted according to the guidelines.
ft_google.csv (141.3 KB)
metadata_google.csv (603 Bytes)
taxonomy_google.csv (271.4 KB)

However, when I went to use the Tax4Fun function on MicrobiomeAnalyst, I kept getting an error. Based on a previous post, I was told I had to format my feature table with sequence IDs, like my ft_w_seqs.csv file. I guess my question is how would you format all three files so they work on Tax4Fun?

At the very basic level, use sequences (ASV), not sequence IDs.

Take a look at this post

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