How is the data format for QCs in Time-Series Only?

How can I put Quality Control samples in the input data?
I’m trying to use the Time Series Only, in the Statistical Analysis [metadata table]. I tried to use the metadata file with the column “time” with a number different from the samples and the column “subject” with QC, but the error message appears: “ErrorFailed meta-data integrity check. Possible causes of error (last one being the most relevant): Make sure to have equal replicates for each time points: Found min: 6 max: 8 Maybe specify study design as Multiple factors / covariates”.

Hi Alessandra,

The ‘time series’ input is meant for experimental designs where you have measured the same subjects multiple times (for example, performing metabolomics on blood samples drawn from the same patients at multiple time points). The statistical method has quite strict requirements, for example no missing data, balanced design, etc.

MetaboAnalyst has some checks to make sure your data fits the required design. The error says you must have equal replicates for each time point: if you had, for example, 10 patients and you measured each for each time point, then the dataset would have equal # replicates (10) at each time point.

It sounds like your data does not fit this scenario. I suggest exploring the ‘Multiple factors/ covariates’ design as MetaboAnalyst suggested because it is much more flexible and can accommodate more types of experimental designs.


Hi Jess,

Thanks for answering.

I understand that is required the same number of samples for each subject, but the problem is that I need to load the quality control group (QC), which is a pool of samples. Do you know how to do this?


I’m not sure, @jeff.xia do you know how to format the data in this case?

In MetaboAnalyst, the key purposes of using QC:

  1. PCA overview;
  2. QC based data filtering

Since this is not related to actual data analysis, you can remove one factor, and use Statistical Analysis [one factor] for QC assurance. Then download the QC filtered data, add back the factor and upload to meta-data module

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