How install Meta_Analysis functions in R? (FeatureCorrelationMeta and or PlotMetaCorrHeatmap)


I’ m Trying to use meta-data functions of Metaboanalyst like FeatureCorrelationMeta or PlotCorrHeatmap in MetaboanalystR, but those functions are visible in the github page, but not in the MetaboAnalystR package installed on R studio( version 3.2.0).

Can someone help me with this issue? there is a particular way to install the github code in R studio? I’ve yet tried with the commands:


with no results,

Thank you fr your time

There are several options for installing directly from GitHub, detailed on the main MetaboAnalystR GitHub page:

You must first install main R package dependencies, then install the MetaboAnalyst package from GitHub.

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I guess the answer to the above question is irrelevant.

How can we extend the R package functions to meta-analysis?