How can I use manual parameter in MetaboanalystR?

To every user in this community,
I’ve never used this program before and I follow tutorials step by step. >“LC-MS/MS Raw Spectral Data Processing
but I’ve got a problem and there’s no one to ask. please help me.

my data is LC-Ms/MS raw spectral data(untargeted) and unfortunately I don’t have any QC sample only have Blank sample.
So, I think I have to skip the ROI extraction and parameter optimizing step and use manual parameter.
Am I right? or I have to extract ROI from every samples to use optimized parameter?

If I use manual parameters, how can I use it on R?
I ask chat GPT to this, and they give me this code.

manual_params ← list(baseline.method = “TIC”,
noise.method = “SD”,
noise.threshold = 5,
resolution = 50000)

but It doesn’t work.

the error code was this,
“An error occurred at if (param$Peak_method == “centWave”): the length of the argument is 0.”

I Think it could be a stupid question, but I’m newbie on both R coding and metabolite analysis.
Please reply on my topic, Your advise will be a great pleasure to me.