Help request for data process?

First, thanks for the great software of MetaboAnalyst 5.0.

When I was using it recently, I met and issue and really need help from you side.

Please see the attachment.
I have 2 group of samples. 7 samples for the 1st group and 12 samples for the 2nd group. If I change the sample orders in the 2nd group, I got different images. The analysis step are the same. I changed the sample orders because I want the samples to be lined up based on patient IDs.

Could you please kindly let me know which result I should trust?

Thank you so much.

Keep in mind that our tool will generate the same results (with exception of some methods containing random components) if you perform the same steps

At the very basic level, you need to clarify: what are the differences in your steps, and why you do that?

Hi Dr. Xia,

Thank you so much for your reply. I agree that the same results should be generate with the great tool

I have 7 samples for the 1st group, and 12 samples for the 2nd group. I found that if I change the sample orders in the 2nd group, I will get different results. I showed 2 images here, While, actually, I still have another images which is different with the current 2. Well, I really need help from your side. Li

I generated my first image with my data directly. And then, I realized that it is better for me to arrange my sample IDs according to the patient ID. So, I changed my sample ID in the same group.


change the sample order but not sample ID

For the analysis steps, I did not change anything. Thanks.

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