Heatmap Not Displaying or Exporting


I have been using MetaboAnalyst for years and love the software! Recently, heatmaps have stopped displaying on multiple PCs with multiple datasets, where they used to display with these same datasets on the same PC platforms. All other figures are generated and displaying normally. I think there may be a new issue with heatmap generation, if someone could take a look it would be greatly appreciated!



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I’m encountering the same issue with the heatmaps. I was able to troubleshoot by uploading the same csv into MetaboAnalyst on another computer (so it isn’t a problem with the file). However, I’ve restarted the program on the computer that had the original problem multiple times, with no improved results. Like Max said, all other figures generate normally. It is only the heatmap that shows up blank in this program.

Should be fixed now. Thanks for letting us know