Heatmap detailed view not avaibale / text not legible once image is downloaded

Dear Metaboanalyst Team,
After the update to Metaboanalyst 6.0, I am unable to generate heatmaps with the same quality that i used to before the update.

For reference, I am using:
Statistical Analysis (one factor)

Before the update, I was able to generate a detailed view of the heatmap which displayed all feature text clearly and legibly without overlapping eachother. I’ve played around with the new setup, and even when I make the text small enough on the software, once I download the heatmap the text is not legible. Is there a way to restore the original detailed view that lists the feature text clearly?

Thank you!


I’ve the same problem. Can someone help to fix the bug?
Thanks! Best regards

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Hi, I have the same problem. Also, I’m not able to change the color of the class like before.

Same here, it’s not possible to download in 300DPI (as well as in 3D PCA). In this way it’s useless, since the quality graphs is not enough for papers standards. Can someone fix it?
Thanks in advance. Best