GSEA in MetaboAnalyst v6.0 vs 5.0

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GSEA pathway analysis results on the v6.0 are different from those I got previously on the v5.0, whereas results are the same as before using Mummichog.
Does it make sense? Was the GSEA workflow modified but not that of Mummichog?

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You need to provide details. Keep in mind that all the underlying pathways are updated.

I re-ran a few pathway analyses on LC-MS data (peak intensity tables) using the “Functional Analysis” tool of MetaboAnalyst v6: I used the same data matrices and selected the same parameters (missing values, data filter, normalization, etc.) as I had done last year (feb 2023) on the v5 version.
Today, when selecting the Mummichog algorithm on the “set parameter” page, I get the exact same list of pathways with the same number of hits, same scores and p-values.
When I select the GSEA algorithm I get the same number of pathways (and hits) as before, yet with much better p-values and NES scores. This is actually a rather good news, but I’d like to be sure before re-running other analyses.
I’ve tested all possible parameter combinations I could think of to double-check I hadn’t done something differently, but the fact that Mummichog gives the same results as before is very confusing. I also find it weird that the update of pathways would only impact the p-values of GSEA.
I hope this makes sense, thanks for your help!

NB: the export button to generate the “pathway hits” file doesn’t seem to be working at the moment (although the one for “compound hits” work).

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