Getting Logged Out During MS Spectral Processing


I am currently attempting to upload my data onto MetaboAnalyst for MS Spectra Processing. I am uploading around 75 samples, which admittedly takes a long time. I am having an issue where my account keeps getting logged out despite me checking the upload status every 30/45 minutes or so, and when that happens my files disappear. I have tried using the Save and Exit option, and my files disappear as well despite the project still being present. Is there anything I can do to stop my account from being logged out?

Below are the details of my files:

  1. Compressed into (.zip) files through WinZip, using the Compression Legacy option.
  2. Each zip file is less than 200 MB.
  3. There is a meta-data (.txt) file to show the samples and their groups.

Thank you in advance for your help!