General Error Landing

I am trying to upload my files but I keep getting the General Error Landing (blue page), however, my files were working perfectly this morning. Please can you help. I have been uploading them as CSV and text files.

Please follow our post guideline and we will look into the problem

I have the same issue. Data that were working two weeks ago are not loading now. I can’t see any error in the data.



Could you please follow our post guideline to provide an example for us to do the trouble shooting?


Hi Yao,

Genus_counts.txt (725.4 KB)

Metadata_supra.txt (613 Bytes)

It concerns Marker Data Profiling (MDP) tool. I attach settings and error reported during data upload. I also attach data that I am using. More samples are preset in count table than in metadata, but it was working fine for common entries before.



Hello, the issue was is indeed due to that most of you samples names in the otu table are not present in the sample table. Our website is updating and will add more functions for multi-factor analysis and meta-analysis. So it’s recommended to upload matched files to make the downstream analysis easier.

We will try to provide more informative error messages. But please follow our basic instructions to make sure the files are compatible.

Hope this helps.

Yes, thank you for your response. After reducing data to be fully compatible between count table and metadata it works again. Nevertheless, this update makes me to put more effort to data preparation, so for me previous solution was more efficient :-).

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