FDR meaning in ANOVA analysis

can you explain how is this FDR calculated?

I did ANOVA p-value (FDR) cutoff:0.05 and then Fisher’s LSD with raw p-value cut-off 0.05.
(I had 4 experimental groups (control - low - medium - high) each with three replicates)
and I want to know if this FDR in the table is FDR for multiple comparisons for ANOVA (for multiple metabolites) or for the post-hoc test?
your help wiil be much appreciated
thank you in advance

  • FDR is for ANOVA analysis - which is well defined.
  • Post-hoc is calculated literally as you mentioned - for each of the significant features, do LSD. If their raw p values are lower than 0.05, report them. No p-values are reported for post-hoc, as they are not well defined and misleading.