Failed to connect to the API Server

I have already posted the same issue a month ago. I still cannot connect to the metaboanalyst API server. The issue occurs when i want to calculate the global test score via CalculateGlobalTestScore(). Can anyone help me out with this problem?

Hi Luise, thanks for reaching out. We are doing a migration and update of our API server recently. if you can give out a reproducible example for us to do a specific debugging. It would be more helpful for us to make this function get fixed ASAP.

Hi Qiang, thanks for getting back to me. I have uploaded my script (adapted from your vignette). I have added “mSet$analSet$msetlibname ← TRUE” to the code as the SetCurrentMsetLib() command also did not work for me as it returned an atomic vector for analSet. Again, my issue now is the failed connection to the API and an atomic vector.

My data set structure is modeled after your cachexia sample data set. I was able to run the cachexia data set on MetaboAnalyst5.0, however, I was unable to run the cachexia data in MetaboAnalystR. Similarly, I was not able to run my data set on MetaboAnalyst5.0 (the very last step failed).

I am looking forward to your reply and I wish you a nice weekend.
Best, Luise