ExpressAnalyst docker version Error: incompatible indices

Dear Developers,

I am trying to use Expressanalyst docker version to process raw data to a count table.

It started working well with all 10 samples being completed in less than 24 hours, but with the error message:

Error: incompatible indices. Found version 7197487348455082783, expected version 10.

From the job logs it seems like it was able to rerun with the 9 samples successfully, however the remaining one seems to stuck with no progress after 2days.

I have attached the job logs. The raw files are to big to be attached, please let me know what else information you need.

Thank you!

job_logs.txt (57.2 KB)

Thanks for letting us know, I am looking into it. Which operating system and which transcriptome are you using? This could help us reproduce the problem on our end with different FASTQ files.

I am using the Mac OS system Ventura 13.0.1 (16G memory) with intel chip and the database was mus musculus (mouse) from NCBI.
Thank you!

We’ve found that there are different versions of Kallisto in our Docker vs. online server and the same index files will not work for both. We are in the process of updating all Kallisto versions to the latest 4.80 and rebuilding the index files. The timeline is ~1 week to update everything, but I can try provide the mouse index file to you earlier if you give me an email address.

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We finished rebuilding the transcriptome index files with the latest kallisto version. Here is the link to the mouse transcriptome. I tested on my computer with the latest Docker image, and I was able to process an example dataset.

If there is a further erorr, there must be something specific with your data. Please let me know how it goes!

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Thank you for the new index, now it worked like a charm!

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