Errors in PubChem ID linking in Enrichment analyis

When pasting in either compound names or PubChem ID numbers metabolites pop up that are linked to the wrong PubChem ID. Such as, when searching L-Homocysteine, the ‘hit’ comes up correct but the linked PubChem is for Vanoxerine. When searching with L-Homocysteine’s published PubChem ID (91552) it returns without a hit. I have found this problem for a number of metabolites.

Try to use compound names if you are performing enrichment or pathway analysis. Note we are updating the ID mapping databases in the coming release.

I tried using the compound names as well and many of them do not come up or come up with the wrong compound without an option for the correct compound, which is why I was trying the PubChem ID.

You can post those compounds so we will pay close attention in the updates.

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