ERROR:wrong args for environment subassignment

I am trying to use Metaboanalyst 5.0 to process GCMS data in *.mzML format. The files upload OK and processing proceeds partway through the peak picking step (i.e., step 3/6) but aborts with the error message " ERROR: wrong args for environment subassignment". I have tried to modify settings with no luck. Can anyone advise? What does this error mean?

Mark B

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The pipeline is designed (and tested) for LC-MS, although in theory it is possible to be tuned for GCMS. We will consider this possibility in our future development

Hi Jeff
My data was acquired using LC-MS. The error message appears at 50%. Will appreciate some helps here…

Brenda L

Hi Everyone, I noticed the issue is related to the latest version of BiocParallel, which cannot correctly catch the results after parallel processing. I am trying my best to fix it.