Error while processing raw LC-MS/MS data at step 4/6: "ERROR:trying to get slot "params" from an object (class "bplist_error") that is not an S4 object"

I am trying to process a set of raw LC-MS/MS data from my experiment and it keeps erroring out at step 4/6 with the same error. I have tried uploading the same data set and rerunning three time and get to same error at the same point each time.

Job ID: 17382(got cancelled) and 17378

Please advise on what I need to fix or if any additional information is
required from me to resolve this issue! Thank you for your time.

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Hi @Ellen_Kuang!
Finally, did you find the solution? I am now facing the same problem. I mean:

[1] “mSet”
[1] “OptiLCMS”

[1] “list”

mSet ← PerformPeakProfiling(rawData_metabo, param_optimized)
[…] (steps 3/6 and 4/6 done…)

Step 5/6: Started peak filling! This step may take some time…

ERROR:trying to get slot “params” from an object (class “simpleError”) that is not an S4 object
Error in PerformPeakProfiling(rawData_metabo, param_optimized) :

OptiLCMS version 0.99.4
MetaboAnalystR version 3.3.0

Any help will be appreciated.
Kind regards,